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  • Which specification of grid screen is more suitable for the project located at footbridge?

    If your project is located in a wide field of view, with a viewing distance of up to several hundred meters in an outdoor location, considering factors such as viewing distance, waterproofing, direct sunlight, aging resistance, low wind resistance, screen transparency, lightweight structure, load-bearing capacity, ventilation, heat dissipation, and cost-effectiveness, our company recommends using the EL15-15D (DIP) specification of LED grid screen specifically designed for glass curtain walls.
  • Should I choose through-hole (DIP) or surface-mount (SMD) for the LED beads?

    The main difference between these two types of LED beads is their brightness. If you need them to be lit both during the day and at night, I would recommend using the EL15-15D grid screen, which can achieve a brightness of 8000cd/m2 or higher.
  • Can the price be cheaper? Which model offers the best cost-effectiveness?

    The larger the pixel pitch of the LED grid screen, the relatively cheaper the price will be. However, the display effect may not be as good as our recommended model, EL15-15D. With a smaller pixel pitch on our LED grid screen, the image will be clearer.
  • How should I choose the installation method?

    The installation method should be chosen based on the size of the LED grid screen. If the screen has a large area, factors such as wind resistance, heat dissipation, and overall weight should be considered during the design process. It is generally recommended to use a frame fixing method. For indoor screens with smaller areas, hanging installation methods can be considered depending on the situation.
  • What are the differences between an LED grid screen and an LED display screen?

    The advantages of an LED grid screen compared to traditional LED display screens are as follows: 1) Lightweight: Each individual LED grid screen weighs only 12KG/㎡, reducing the weight by 75% compared to traditional outdoor LED display screens. 2) Transparency: The transparency of an LED grid screen can reach 40%-80%, effectively ensuring building lighting and avoiding situations where the indoor area lacks natural light due to outdoor screens. 3) Quick installation: LED grid screens have a significantly faster installation speed, more than 50 times faster than traditional outdoor LED display screens. Additionally, due to the patented structural design, maintenance is convenient and quick. 4) Stability: The use of superconductive thermal materials improves heat dissipation performance by 80%. The overall potting process design provides military-grade IP65 full protection, enabling stable operation in extreme weather conditions as low as -40℃. With only one connector per cabinet, the failure rate of connections is reduced by 90%. The high transparency windproof design ensures wind resistance up to level 12, effectively preventing significant losses caused by natural disasters.
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