Is there any difference between LED transparent screen and photoelectric smart glass?
Home » News » Is there any difference between LED transparent screen and photoelectric smart glass?

Is there any difference between LED transparent screen and photoelectric smart glass?

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LED transparent display, as the name suggests, is to let the LED display with light transmittance like glass. The realization principle of transparent screen is the micro innovation of lamp strip screen. The improvement of lamp bead manufacturing technology, lamp bead packaging and control system is the goal to reduce the obstruction of the line of sight of structural parts and maximize the perspective effect. In addition, there are new and unique display effects, the viewer standing at the ideal distance, the picture appears to float on the glass curtain. LED transparent display expands the application layout of LED display to the two markets of building glass curtain wall and commercial retail window, becoming a new direction of the development of new media.

LED Transparent display is a new super transparent LED display technology, with 70% to 95% permeability, panel thickness of only 3.5mm, LED unit panel can be attached to the glass from behind the glass. Can also be customized according to the field use environment to achieve a variety of profiled display.

What is LED photosmart glass?

LED photoglass is a kind of LED chip embedded between the double layer of glass, with the help of glass conductive coating technology, through the control system to show the photoelectric display effect of a multi-expandable high-tech product. Simply put, LED photoelectric glass is a perfect combination of building materials and lighting. LED photoelectric glass can not only achieve the mechanical strength and high transparency of the building curtain wall, but also realize the function of LED media playback.

1.Energy saving and environmental protection. It has the mechanical strength of laminated glass, high permeability, heat insulation, explosion prevention, UV protection and so on. And in the production process without any waste water, waste gas, waste discharge.

2.Media communication. The media attribute of LED photoglass products can help owners and settled merchants to promote their brands, display celebration activities, enhance the cultural media attribute and audience interaction and participation.

3.Landscape unity. Creative videos can be designed according to the architectural style to form an overall style between the building itself and the surrounding landscape, to express the artistry of the building itself and the cultural property of the overall architectural complex, so as to realize the perfect integration of architectural technology and humanity.

LED transparent screen and photoelectric intelligent glass some differences:

4.Different structures

LED transparent screen is the use of SMD patch packaging technology to paste the lamp in the groove of PCB, can be customized module size, its common partner is the glass curtain wall, glass window, etc., after the power can play the company's promotional video, pictures.

LED glass screen is a highly customized photoelectric glass that uses transparent conductive technology to fix the structure layer of light emitting tube between two layers of glass. It belongs to a kind of bright screen. It can draw different graphics (stars, patterns, body shapes and other fashionable graphics) according to different scenes.

5.Installation operation

LED transparent screen can be installed on most of the building's glass curtain wall, strong compatibility. Transparent LED display can be mounted, mounted and single strip installation.

The installation of LED glass screen is to reserve the installation position of the screen when designing the building in advance, and then the building glass is installed on the glass skeleton. There is no way to install the existing glass curtain wall. LED glass screen installation is the construction of glass curtain wall when the installation, not convenient maintenance.

6.Product weight

LED transparent screen products are light and transparent,PCB thickness is only 1-4mm, screen weight is 12kg/㎡.

LED glass screen products with luminous glass, the glass itself weight of 20kg/㎡.

4, maintenance

LED transparent screen is convenient and fast to maintain, saving manpower, material and financial resources.

It is almost impossible to maintain the LED glass screen, which requires dismantling the existing architecture and replacing the whole glass screen, which is costly to maintain.

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