How to extend the service life of LED film screen
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How to extend the service life of LED film screen

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As we all know, LED film screen also belongs to electronic products, the use of all electronic products have the length of service life, LED film screen is the same. But LED film screen is different from ordinary electronic products, the theoretical service life is 100000 hours, but the actual situation and theoretical data have some deviation, we choose LED film screen when looking at what? What do we need to pay attention to in the process of use? With these questions in mind, let's take a look at the suggestions given by Xiaobian. 

First of all, when choosing the LED film screen, we can consider the following points:

1.Select high quality, quality assurance components. Lamp beads, IC and other electronic components, switching power supply and so on these components will affect the service life of LED film screen.

2.Select high quality epitaxial materials; Increase the chip area and reduce the current density; Equilibrium current density; Reduce thermal resistance; The choice of good performance and UV resistance strong packaging materials can make the LED lamp bead life longer.

3.Lamp beads are the key to affect the life of the LED film screen. In the planning of the project, the specific brand and model of the LED lamp beads with reliable quality, switching power supply, and other raw materials should be specified.

4.Take heat dissipation as a central work from module design to engineering implementation and even future system maintenance; Reduce the working current of LED; The correct configuration of LED, so that the primary color LED synchronous attenuation can extend the service life of LED.

So in the process of using LED film screen we need to pay attention to what can extend the life?

1, regularly clean the dust accumulated on the screen, so as not to affect the heat dissipation.

2.Let the screen rest for a period of time every day, and check and maintain the screen regularly.

3.When playing content, do not be in the same color picture for a long time, especially all white, all green and other pictures, so as not to cause current amplification, cable heating and short circuit and other faults, but also to avoid burning the screen at high temperature.

4.At night, you can adjust the brightness of the screen according to the ambient brightness, which can not only save energy, but also prolong the service life of the LED film screen. attention to the use of the environment if the weather is bad, it is recommended to stop.

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