Don't know the difference between an LED grid screen and a grille screen
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Don't know the difference between an LED grid screen and a grille screen

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When it comes to LED grid and grille screens, your first thought may be: "Isn't this the same type of product?" If you think that then you are wrong. In fact, the difference between the LED grid screen and the grille screen is quite large, may look from the name will make people misunderstanding. Today editor will share with you the difference between LED grid screen and grille screen.

First let's talk about the LED grid screen. In fact, the LED grid screen is connected by the light points into a network structure, is a kind of lighting video display level products, can not only meet the needs of lighting decoration, but also can be used for text, image, video playback. It is a product with the concept of "large spacing", with the spacing between 35mm and 200mm. It has incomparable advantages in the field of large-area display and creative display over 500m square meters.

What about LED grille screens? LED grid screen is a kind of light bar composed of grid shaped LED display, because of its shape is hollow, so it is also called hollow screen. Point spacing is generally between 12mm~80mm, in the field of outdoor display applications.

Let's compare them from the following 5 aspects:


The LED grid screen is extremely thin and light, the weight is generally 3~10KG/ square meter, convenient transportation and installation. 

LED grille screen is relatively thin, the weight is generally more than 12KG/ square meter.


LED grid screen spacing is generally more than 35mm, permeability can achieve 40~90%, so the environmental integration is very high. 

And LED grid screen spacing is generally more than 12.5mm, permeability can only achieve 20~70%, the environmental integration degree is high.

3.Artistic display effect

The LED grid screen has a very high artistic effect, due to its flexible, bending characteristics, almost adapt to any surface scene, a variety of creative modeling 

LED grid screen art effect is general, do not have flexibility, usually conventional plane display, part of the arc display, more complex spherical or curved modeling, relatively difficult to achieve.

4.Convenience of installation and maintenance

Easy installation of LED grid screen: hanging, pasting, a small amount of steel structure, single light series, single point maintenance, direct quick replacement of functional auxiliary module, can be maintained before and after 

LED grille screen box installation, front installation, box as a unit for maintenance, front maintenance or post maintenance

5.application area

LED grid screen is generally used in building facades, glass curtain walls, cultural and tourism creativity, stage beauty, park square and other fields. 

LED grille screen is generally used in outdoor fields, such as outdoor advertising screen, street view advertising screen, landmark screen, sports stadium screen and other fields.

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